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Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000

StopTrik International Film Festival is dedicated to stop motion techniques of hand-made, spatial animation as puppet film, claymation, object or photography manipulation, animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand etc), pixilation, traditional cut-out and many more. The list of sub-genres could be complemented with such exceptional techniques as animation of lights, fire, yarns, threads. Artists' imagination is limitless and so we can be neither orthodox nor strict while defining the term "stop motion". The ultimate goal of this unique annual gathering is to admire and celebrate artistry of hand-made, spatial animation together with all the other drifters of the surreal, absurd or merry highways who are ready to pursue frame by frame illusion.

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Sunday Matinee: Welcome to Dollywood

Nedeljska matineja: Dobrodošli v Dollywood!


Sunday, 7. 10. 2018

11:00, Cinephilia Focus 8: Sunday matinee: Welcome to Dollywood, Salon of Applied Arts

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Sunday Matinee: Welcome to Dollywood! // Nedeljska matineja: Dobrodošli v Dollywood!

The Disney of Duivendrecht/ Disney iz Duivendrechta

Berenike Rozgonyi (NGN produkcije)

2012, NLD, 59'

Documentary film that not only follows breakthroughs of Joop Geesink's artistic and commercial path, but also seeks to find out how it was possible for the businessman to start his own enterprise and why the astonishing „Dollywood” eventually fell.

The Disney of Duivendrecht a businessman's idea of an artist

Documentary on the groundbreaking puppet animation films with which the Dutch animation pioneer Joop Geesink conquered the world. Over fifty years ago, the Netherlands had a professional film studio specialising in puppet animation: the Geesink Studio. From the 1940s to the 1970s, this company was run by producer Joop Geesink (1913‐1984) and conceived hundreds of puppet films under the name Dollywood. The studio has won over 80 international prices among which several Lions awards from the renowned international advertising festival in Cannes. Joop Geesink was one of the big animation pioneers in the Netherlands, along with Marten Toonder and George Pál. The Geesink Studio mainly produced commercials. Apart from their biggest Dutch client  Philips, Geesink's international clientele was quite impressive: Mackeson, Ballantine, Campari, Coca-­‐Cola, Knorr, Heineken, Heinz, and many more. The studio produced commercials for markets in Europe, Asia, South and North America. Germany and Italy were particularly important markets for Geesink; he even opened offices in Dusseldorf and Rome. In its heydays the studio employed over a 100 people. The puppet films are little gems that strike the eye by their professional animation techniques, immaculate backgrounds, cute puppets and funny stories. The productions typically show a safe world populated by cheerful characters. This documentary shines light on the innovative entrepreneurship of Joop Geesink and the unique talents of his animators through interviews with former employees and numerous memorable film fragments.