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Ob železnici 8
Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000

StopTrik International Film Festival is dedicated to stop motion techniques of hand-made, spatial animation as puppet film, claymation, object or photography manipulation, animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand etc), pixilation, traditional cut-out and many more. The list of sub-genres could be complemented with such exceptional techniques as animation of lights, fire, yarns, threads. Artists' imagination is limitless and so we can be neither orthodox nor strict while defining the term "stop motion". The ultimate goal of this unique annual gathering is to admire and celebrate artistry of hand-made, spatial animation together with all the other drifters of the surreal, absurd or merry highways who are ready to pursue frame by frame illusion.

Animations 2019

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Kaja Fiedler


Established in 1972, it is the second oldest film festival in the world completely dedicated to animation. Launched thanks to the global reputation of the filmmakers sprung from the Zagreb School of Animation, founded based on the decision of ASIFA, International Animated Film Association, Zagreb Film production company and City of Zagreb, Animafest Zagreb takes place every year early in June. Until 2005 the festival was held biennially, and afterwards continued in the annual rhythm, devoting even years to short film and odd years to feature film. After Zagreb Film and Zagreb Concert Management, in 2007 the festival organisation was taken over by the private production company Hulahop with the aim of further development and balancing the programme with the requirements of contemporary tendencies, approaching broader audiences and providing added values to professionals. In 2015 Animafest Zagreb merged short and feature festival editions and became festival dedicated to animation in all its forms on annual basis. Animafest Zagreb always has been, alongside festivals in Annecy, Ottawa and Hiroshima, a part of the obligatory circuit in the animation community’s calendar. Animafest’s Grand Prix winners directly qualify for the Academy Award and the European Animation Award. As one of the leading international animation events and the only Croatian film festival with such a status, Animafest Zagreb serves as a bridge between the animation scene and the local audience (more than 80 per cent of the selection consists of premieres), but also actively creates it, continually raising the level of audiovisual culture in the society. The Zagreb festival therefore presents the best and latest works competing for prestigious awards and the most relevant and interesting trends. Through entertainment, socialisation and learning, Animafest connects citizens of all generations and respected guests from different parts of the world at a large and colourful festivity paying tribute to animation art.

Programme (Runtime: 64'): STOP MOTION WINNERS AND LAUREATES 2010-2019


01. Mr. Deer/ Aghaye Gavazn/ G. Jelen
Mojtaba Mousavi (RPTCA)
2018, IRN, 9' 

The story is narrated in an unknown time, in a ruined modern subway. People in this society have animal faces, they have forgotten humanity and ethics and they do not avoid sins. There is someone with a deer face who is trying to reform the society. Special Award Short Film Jury 2018.

02. Negative Space/ Negativni prostor
Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata (Ikki Films)
2017, FRA, 5'30''

My dad taught me how to pack. Special Award Short Film Jury 2018.

03. Katachi
Kijek/Adamski (AB Film Prod. for P-Vine Inc.)
2013, POL/JPN, 3'05''

"Katachi" means "shape". The video is made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter. It's an everlasting chain of convulsive memories. Music: SHUGO TOKUMARU. Best Commissioned Film 2014.


04. Nighthawk/ Nočna ptica
Špela Čadež (Finta Film, Bonobostudio)
2016, SLO/CRO, 8'50''

A badger lies motionless on a local road. A police patrol approaches the body in the dark. They soon realize that the animal is not dead; the badger is dead drunk! Grad Prix 2017.


05. Hedgehog's Home/ Ježeva hiša/ Ježeva kuća
Eva Cvijanović (NFB, Bonobostudio)
2017, CAN/CRO, 10'50''

In a lush and lively forest lives a hedgehog. His unwavering devotion to his home annoys a quartet of insatiable beasts. Based on a story by Branko Ćopić's "Hedgehog's Home". Special Award Short Film Jury, Audience Award 2017.

06. Datum Point/ Referenčna točka / 水準原点
Ryo Orikasa
2015, JAP, 6'41''

Yoshiro Ishihara (1915–1977), now remembered as a “poet of silence”, said: “A poem is an impulse to resist writing.” This film is an attempt to seek out the landscape of his poem. “Golden Zagreb” Award 2016.


07. Luis
Niles Atallah, Joaquin Cociña, Cristobal Leon
2008, Chile, 3'50'' 

Luis is waiting for Lucía in a forest. He appears and disappears in charcoal on the walls of a room filled with broken objects that constantly shift around. Special Award Short Film Jury 2010.

08. The Last Quest/ Poslednji izziv/ Posljednji izazov
Božidar Trkulja (ZagrebFilm)
2017, CRO, 15'57''

Five brave heroes. Three incentive dwarfs. One tempting prize. Greed, vanity and lust in the contest until the very end. Special mention Croatian Competition Jury 2017.

Selection and presentation:

Daniel Šuljić is an animation film director and a musician. Born in Zagreb, from 1992 to 2010 he lived in Vienna, and from 2010 on he has been living and working in both cities. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and from 1992 to 1998 painting and animation at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Masterclass C. L. Attersee, where he graduated. From 2005 to 2008 he was a lecturer of classical animation at the Institute for Media Design at the University of Art and Design in Linz, and in 2006 he was given the title of honorary professor at Jilin College of the Arts Animation School in Changchun, China. From 2010 to 2012 he served as an artistic consultant for animated film at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and from 2013 to 2017 he was a member of the artistic council for film in the City of Zagreb. His films (selection) Evening Star (1993), Leckdonalds (1995), The Cake (1997), Sun, Salt and Sea (1997), Ich kann es mir sehr gut vorstellen (I Can Imagine It Very Well, 2004), Kurzes Leben (Short Life, 2007, co-dir. Johanna Freise), Transparency (2015), From Under Which Rock Did They Crawl Out (2018) were shown at several hundred international and national film festivals, different TV channels across Europe and earned numerous international awards. He is a member of festival juries and had several retrospectives (Anifilm Trebon, Monstra Lisabon, ITFS Stuttgart). Since 2018 he is an assistant professor at the Department of Animation and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb and the Croatian ambassador of the European Animation Awards. Since 2011 he has been the artistic director of the World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb.

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities

Kaja Fiedler


Since 2001 Tricky Women takes place every year in March around the date of the International Women’s Day. Tricky Women focuses on animated films made by women and therefore fills a unique position within the international festival landscape. Besides the competition the festival shows themed programs and retrospectives to present an exciting overview of the animated cinematic art of female artists from around the world and Austrian filmmakers as well. Historical curiosities and contemporary productions are part of Tricky Women’s programming. Animated Documentaries, works of students of international film schools and academies, and the cinematographic reflection on the complex work/society were established as festival anchors. Exhibitions, workshops and Best Practice-afternoons provide an insight into the creative work of filmmakers and offer the opportunity to get in touch with each other. Tricky Women’s declared aim is to confront the audience with the unlimited aesthetics of animation films made by women. The primal aim of Tricky Women to create a pool of international acknowledged experts is realized by now. Each year in Vienna for five days in March the festival presents film classics as well as contemporary productions which give an overview about the latest trends and developments. Female animation artists from all over the world meet their Austrian colleagues to connect and compete. Over the years a dense network emerged which reaches from Vienna over Moskau and Tokio to Montreal.

Programme (Runtime: 60'):


01. Unheard/ Unerhört
Amelie Loy
2019, AUT, 2'23''

The clip deals with social expectations of women in three everyday situations.

02. Ulduz (Part of So Far)
Lydia Kaminski
2015, AUT, 5'                                   

The hand-drawn animation is based on the true story of migrants who have come to Vienna to start a new life there. It shows their first day in the city and gives insights into their conflicting feelings while arriving and when assessing their perspectives.

03. Body Stranded
Rebecca Akoun
2017, AUT, 9'54''                                         

Inside post-revolution Iran, David struggles with his Jewish identity, the fall of women's rights, and the rise in media censorship. Based on a true story.

04. My Father’s Room
Nari Jang (Korea National University of Arts)
2016, South Korea, 8'16''

She was abused by her father during childhood. Since he left, the pain and anger have begun to fade. One day, unexpectedly, she is struck by a revelation about her father's life that casts her feelings about him into confusion.

05. Zu zahm!/ Too Tame!
Rebecca Blöcher (Balance Film)
2017, GER, 6'41''

Seven protagonists, stuck inside the box, are trapped in their clichés and their recurring daily routine. Their individuality is only an apparent one, because their autonomy can be taken away far too easily – even if they gamble with their lives. But the show must go on and the money is rolling in. Applause!


06. I Like Girls
Diane Obomsawin (NFB)
2016, CAN, 8'12''

Charlotte, Mathilde, Marie, and Diane reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression. For them, sexual awakening comes hand-in-hand with discovering their desire for other women – and a joyful new self-awareness.

07. Machine
Anna Vasof
2015, AUT, 2’

The film answers the question how something can work only during its deconstruction/demolition.

08. Egg                                                               
Martina Scarpelli (MIYU Productions, LATELOVE Production)
2018, FRA, 12'07''

A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger.


09. Rebellious Essence/ Uporni duh
Ana Čigon (Ana Čigon, City Gallery Ljubljana)
2017, SLO, 5’

A cat walks into the Ministry for Cat Affairs and requests a passport. All goes well until the female and male cat clerks demand to know the cat’s sex.


Waltraud Grausgruber is festival directress and co-founder of the “Tricky Women Festival” in Vienna, Austria. “Tricky Women” is the first and only festival of animated film that is dedicated exclusively to animation by women. It takes place since 2001. Grausgruber studied theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna and tourism at the University of Economics of Vienna. She wrote her Master’s Thesis about African Cinema, was visiting researcher in France, Senegal and Burkina Faso, conceptualized film festivals and curated international film programs. In 2010, she got the Outstanding Artists Award of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. The festival director published books like „Tricky Women_Animations Film Kunst von Frauen / Women in Animation“, Schüren Verlag (with Birgitt Wagner) and „Mörderinnen“ (Killing Women in Film), Elephantenpress.

Rebecca Akoun, born in 1985 in France, has completed her studies at “Ecole Estienne Superieure des Arts Graphiques” in Paris. In 2003, she moved to Israel to study at “Bezalel Academy of Art & Design” in the Screen Based Arts departments, from which she graduated in 2011. She also took part in a semester exchange program at the “Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst”, Switzerland.  Her films are shown in film festivals around the world and are destined for distributions. Currently based in Austria, she just completed a new short animated film "Shaul and Iwan".