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Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000

StopTrik International Film Festival is dedicated to stop motion techniques of hand-made, spatial animation as puppet film, claymation, object or photography manipulation, animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand etc), pixilation, traditional cut-out and many more. The list of sub-genres could be complemented with such exceptional techniques as animation of lights, fire, yarns, threads. Artists' imagination is limitless and so we can be neither orthodox nor strict while defining the term "stop motion". The ultimate goal of this unique annual gathering is to admire and celebrate artistry of hand-made, spatial animation together with all the other drifters of the surreal, absurd or merry highways who are ready to pursue frame by frame illusion.

Animations 2019

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Not Only Panda: Professional and Children Stop Motion Animation from Chengdu

Lina Dvoršak

Presenter: Zhou Zhou (Southwest Minzu University in Chengdu)
Moderator: Brina Fekonja (StopTrik children programme coordinator)
Location: Puppet Theater, Maribor, Slovenia
Date:04. 10. 2019
Age group: 9-12 years old

The event consists of the screening of the professional films produced at the independent Fantastic Sky Studio led by Su Donghai in Chengdu as well presentation of films made by children attending workshops held at the whom Su Donghai's studio. Zhou Zhou, Su's collaborator, and a friend will introduce the film program as well as talk with young about fascinating Chinese culture.

Professional films:

01. Memory/ Ji·yi/记·忆
Wu-Zhi Jing (Studio Fantastic Sky)
2012, China, 1'16''

A little girl has to choose whether to buy a new toy or help an older person in need.

Zhang Yuan (Donghai Children's Stop-motion Animation Studio)
2016, China, 1'

Various blocks play their game.

03. The End Of Crisis/ Mori zhi cheng/末日之城/ Konec krize
Wu-Zhi Jing (Studio Fantastic Sky)
2015, China, 7'58

In 2063, the city presents a heap of rubble. Human beings vote down all achievementsthey have ever created before, and destroy them to create a wasteland city.


04. Daydream/ Bairi meng/白日梦
Wang Mengjiao (Donghai Children's Stop-motion Animation Studio)
2016, China, 1'06''

A student is daydreaming at one university campus...

05. Like a Dream/ Ru meng ling/如梦令
Wu Zhijing, Li Jiayao (Studio Fantasic Sky)
2012, China, 5'37''

A young woman imagines past traditions.

Children films:

1. Cat and Mouse/ Mao he laoshu/猫和老鼠by Zhou Kemi (周珂米)

2. The Dinosaur/ Konglong/《恐龙》by Xu Anheng (许谙衡)

3. The Sandstorm/ Shachenbao/《沙尘暴》by Xu Jiazheng (许家璋)

4. The Butterfly and the Bird/ Hudie yu xiao niao《蝴蝶与小鸟》by Cao Feixue (曹菲雪),Zhang Boyi (张铂怡)

5. The Submarine Adventure/ Qianshui ting li xian ji/《潜水艇里险记》by Xu Jiazhang (许家璋)

6. The Irony/ Fengci/《讽刺》by Zhou Yilan (周已岚)

7. Dream/ Meng/《梦》by Jiang Cheng (蒋成) , Liu Wei (刘玮祺), Zhao Ningwei (赵宁轲),Chen Shitong (陈石桐), Song Qiyue (宋启悦)

8. Cat and Stars/ Mao he xingxing《猫和星星》by Wei Yuting (韦婉婷)


About the Su Donghai's Studio

Donghai Children's Stop-motion Animation Studio was founded by a Chineseindependent animation director, Su Donghai. It mainly focuses on children animationand education. Since 2012, Donghai has taught at many different primary and middleschools as well as youth centers in Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Jinhua,Xiamen, Longyan. At the same time he trained local teachers at various educationinstitutions. So far, Su Donghai has taught more than 400 children and helped themcreating more than 200 short animated films. His students won awards and presentedtheir works atthe festivals in China, the United States, Brazil, Croatia and othercountries around the world

About Zhou Zhou

Head of Animation Department at College of Art in Southwest Minzu University, Head of Stop motion Animation Studio at Animation Department, Head of ShadowArt Research and Development Center of SWUN. He is a member of ASIFA, CartoonCommittee of Chengdu Artists Association, Film and Television Review Committeeof Chengdu Literary Critics Association. His focus is on stop motion animation. In2004 he established the Red Beard Animation Studio. As a director, he led the creative team to make 4 stop motion animation short films. Their works won some prizes inthe Academy Awards of China, China (Hangzhou) International Animation ArtFestival, International "Golden Panda" Awards for Animation, Academy Awards ofBFA, Original ACG Competition of China. He is a member of Sayigemo Studio thatfocuses on the Tibetan animation artwork. In 2012 the studio produced a 26 min debutanimation short film "The Hunter and The Skeleton". The film was named the Top 10short film in 9th China Independent Film Festival and won the jury prize in 9thBeijing Independent Film Festival, 1st Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale. The film was screened in Alternative Anime TheNext Generation of Vancouver International Film Festival, and Pairs Shadow Film Festival in 2012. He established aTraditional Shadow Puppet Animation Studio of SWUN in 2006. He is the advisor atthis studio. The studio has made 3 shadow animation short films and 3 shadow playdramas. Some of these works won some prizes in China. He is one of the chief curatorof the animation festival in SWUN, organized since 2006 under the name 56 MoonThe Western China University Cartoon And Animation Festival. The festival hasbecome one of the important animation events in Western China.


Lina Dvoršak



The lecture lasts for 90 minutes. It is conceptualized in a way that the mentor introducesthe subject, then whole group watches films or two-minute clips. After each watching,they all have a little discussion. This way the students will find out something importantand exciting about each animation technique: hand-drawn, puppet and other stop motionforms. Also they will have a chance to learn something about 2D animation software andcomputer animation. Animation is rich, techniques are limitless and there's so much greatfilms to discover!


This is what will happen exactly:

  1. What is film (movie)–what is an animated film (movie

    example: GERTIE DINOSAUR (2 MIN)

    hybrid forms - feature animated, documentary animation

    example: DUŠAN VUKOTIĆ-Game (clip)

    Approved for adoption (clip)

  2. Animated films-process of making animated film, techniques in animated films

    example: DUŠAN VUKOTIĆ-1001 drawing (clip)

  3. Techniques of animation

    a) hand drawn animation: full animation

    -DISNEY-phase 1

    example: MICKEY MOUSE (clip)

    -DISNEY-phase 2

    example: PETAR PAN (clip)

    hand drawn animation: reduced animation


    -example: DUŠAN VUKOTIĆ-Surogat (film)

    BORIS KOLAR-Vau vau (clip)

    b) puppet animation

    -making puppets, set design, props, photos from the movie set by the example of THELAST QUEST (dir. Božidar Trkulja; Antonija Veljačić among main animators)

    -from animatik to film

    -example: THE LAST QUEST animatik (clip) and film

    c) stop animation

    example : PES Spaghetti-Western (clip)

    NORMAN MCLAREN Neighbors (clip)

    CAROLINE LEAF The Street (clip)

    d) computer animation

    -3D: from polygon to model with texture, lights, animationexample: RATATOUILLE (clip)

    -2D: Tv Paint and MOHO-software for 2d animation

    example: ALEXEI ALEXEEV Log jam (film)


    -films from workshops with children (Animafest Zagreb, Tobogan, kvART..)

ABOUT THE MENTORAntonija Veljačić is an independent animator based in Croatia. She studied Animation and new media at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb. Since 2014. she worked on various animation projects, mostly 2d and puppet animation… She also runs a Small school of animation for children and adults with Zagreb film and does animation workshops all around Croatia.