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Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000

StopTrik International Film Festival is dedicated to stop motion techniques of hand-made, spatial animation as puppet film, claymation, object or photography manipulation, animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand etc), pixilation, traditional cut-out and many more. The list of sub-genres could be complemented with such exceptional techniques as animation of lights, fire, yarns, threads. Artists' imagination is limitless and so we can be neither orthodox nor strict while defining the term "stop motion". The ultimate goal of this unique annual gathering is to admire and celebrate artistry of hand-made, spatial animation together with all the other drifters of the surreal, absurd or merry highways who are ready to pursue frame by frame illusion.

Dreaming Allowed


Dreaming Allowed

igor unuk

Dreaming Allowed/ Sanje so dovoljene/ Se Vale Soñar

Luis Safa   (Caracrimen)

2013, MEX, 2'22''

Music video for a Mexican singer Juan Cirerol. Lyrics about interchange of all the good things with the apparently bad things.  ''That in the gardens there would be instead of roses, carnations or lilies Marijuana mats, coca and opium. How nice!''


Glasbeni posnetek za mehiškega pevca Juana Cicerola. Besedila govorijo o zamenjavi vseh dobrih stvari z navidezno slabimi. ''Da bi v vrtovih namesto vrtnic, nageljnov in lilij rastli marijuana, koka in opij. Kako lepo!''